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SQUID Scrubber

Providing Your Mitter Curtains With High-Resolution Cleaning Power

  • ​Soft & gentle

  • Non-streaking & non-maring

  • Excellent flexibility, elongation, shock and dampening benefits

  • Excellent compression set; always returns to original molded shape

  • Temperature resistance (-100˚f to 350˚f)

  • Good to excellent chemical resistance

  • UV resistant

  • Each squid has 8 nubby washer arms

  • Each nubby washer arm has approximately 1,000 cleaning edges

  • Provides approximately 8,000+ cleaning edges (per squid) or up to 3 million cleaning edges when populated on a mitter curtain wash system

  • Offering improved, high-resolution cleaning™ (HRC)

  • Operator friendly – same OEM mitter, same disassembly and assembly processes

  • Vehicle friendly –  no marring, no scratching. 100% liquid silicone rubber.

  • High value cost benefit – wash better, faster, and more efficient with less water & chemical

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